We didn’t want to keep you waiting too long for the party and tournament pictures so we tried our best to deliver them as fast as we could.

The results are awesome, if we say so ourselves, and can be found in the links shown below.
VeLuTo Party:
VeLuTo Tournament:

Albums can be downloaded in the upper right by clicking the cloud-button.

With kind regards,
The organising team.


The Tournament has ended

Dear all players,

In the past weekend the Vertigo Lustrum Tournament, also known as VeLuTo, has taken place.

We would like to thank all the teams and players for making it an awesome weekend. We certainly had fun and we hope that you had too. Of course, the tournament couldn’t have existed without you.

This was our first experience in organising an indoor tournament and we are very happy with the way it went. We came across some bumps along the road but we feel like we managed those well. There are some points in which we can improve, and we will learn from our mistakes.

Furthermore, we would also like to thank everyone for their kind words during the tournament. On multiple occasions we were asked whether Vertigo will host another tournament next year and we take this as a compliment. We also received many compliments on the organization and this really is satisfying to hear.
Thank you for committing to our theme, ‘Like a sir’, which we thought was a challenging theme but nonetheless so many of you came all suited up. Unfortunately, we did not think of a “best-dressed team award” but who knows when the pictures come online 😉

With that being said, the pictures will be following on this webpage soon. Any feedback is welcome and can be sent to

Will there be another Vertigo indoor tournament? Only time will tell.

With kind regards,

The organising team.

P.S. In the time before the tournament, we have stated that information and such would be made available on this website which unfortunately hasn’t happened. This is for the simple reason that we didn’t have anyone to take care of this job. However, some of you (if not most of you) were invited to the Facebook event on which we communicated. We are aware that not all of you made their way to the event since it was a private event and you had to be invited to see it. Certainly a point for improvement from our side.

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